Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Quick Post: My New Favorite Sandwich

Oh man, this sandwich is my jam right now! It's so good I think about it during other meals, and wish they were this sandwich instead. I really love things that are spicy and tangy, so this kind of hits the spot for me.

Here's the deal: spread the olive mix on one side of the roll and avocado on the other; then pile everything else in between and mash together in a futile attempt to hold in all the deliciousness. Note: I cut the pickle and okra into strips and alternated them to make one layer - it was too overpowering to have a row of each.

Warning! This sandwich can get a little messy - proceed with napkins!

Kaiser roll (ciabatta also works really well)
1-2 Tbs MediterraneanBruschetta Olive Mix (I picked up a jar at Raley's)
Cucumber slices
1 pickle slice (sandwich style), cut into about 4 strips
1 spicy pickled okra, cut into fourths longways
Pepperjack cheese
1 Tbs feta cheese
Lettuce to taste
1/4 avocado

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